The European Travel Information and Authorization System or ETIAS may sound like it’s going to be an extra step that requires a lot of work. Well, it really isn’t at all. In fact, the process of acquiring this authorization form won’t take more than a few minutes and some extra bucks. But because of the lack of emphasis on this information, many U.S. Citizens have confused it with a new form of visa they have to apply for from 2021 onwards. 

A survey shows that almost half of Americans think it is a visa. Close to a quarter percent of the participants don’t know what it is at all. Get the facts straight by checking out this quick overview of how ETIAS will work for U.S. citizens.


How the ETIAS VISA Waivers Work for U.S. Passport Holders


First of All, It’s Not a Visa 

ETIAS is a visa waiver, which is completely different from a visa to Europe. It is similar to America’s Electronic System for Travel Authorization or ESTA for short, which is a waiver other visa-exempt countries have to apply to enter the U.S. 

Young American citizens under the age of 18 and senior citizens over the age of 70 would still have to apply for an ETIAS, though they would be exempted from paying the fee. The ETIAS is valid for 3 years until renewal.

Application is Done Online 

It won’t take a lot of work to apply for the ETIAS. In fact, all of it is done online. The application process is straightforward and easy to understand for even the least online savvy person out there. You can also ask for assistance with the application process.  

The application will only ask for some personal information such as your name, health background, travel background, security background, and other standard requirements in order to clear you for entry to Europe. Around 95 percent of applicants can expect automatic approval soon after application.

Why ETIAS Makes Travel Simpler 

ETIAS was signed as a solution to strengthen European border security by screening visa-exempt travelers. And in this time of age, security is what countries and travelers alike need the most. 

What you’re basically applying and paying for is the peace of mind when you’re traveling to Schengen countries. With a simple process like this, it can reassure you that when you get on that plane to Europe, everyone there was screened and are by no means a threat to your trip. It also makes security checks much faster, more accurate, and better for both the country you’re visiting and the people with you traveling there. 

ETIAS may be an extra step that you have to take, but with a process so simple it’s almost unjustifiable to complain. It should be respected that these ETIAS countries are kicking their security up a notch for the safety of their people and their tourists alike. So don’t hesitate to plan a trip to Europe on or after 2021. Europe couldn’t possibly be less of a beautiful destination for travel by then.  

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While 2021 will take some time to come along, there is still more about the ETIAS visa waiver that you can learn about and how it works. is a platform that can update you with the news about ETIAS and even help you out with the process by the time it comes. But as of now, this company can help you with the current travel system to Europe by professionally completing all the required documents and passing them on for you with no hassle. Contact us now to get started.

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