If you’re planning a trip to Europe anytime soon, then you’ve probably heard that by 2021, there will be a new visa waiver for you to apply for. The European Travel Information and Authorization System or ETIAS is an authorization that grants entry for visa-exempt nationals in Schengen countries for a period of 90 days. So instead of visiting one country, you can visit different countries all on one trip with this visa waiver. But hold on. Not all countries are part of the Schengen area, which means this waiver isn’t necessarily an all-access pass to the entirety of Europe. 

Before you start picking what sites to see, you need to know the countries covered by ETIAS to know where you’re allowed entry. Here is a list of ETIAS-covered countries and a couple of facts about the places you could visit.


Quick Facts About the ETIAS Countries in Europe that You Can Visit in 2021

ETIAS Map: A Quick Tour through the European Countries to Visit in 2021


22 European Union Schengen Countries

There are currently 22 EU countries that are part of the ETIAS-required countries, all of which are most frequently visited by tourists. Here is a quick look into these countries and the region of Europe that you can find them in.

Northern Europe

  • Countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden
  • Diverse in nature, climate, and vegetation, Northern Europe generally has a high quality of living. 
  • Low population densities, urbanization is booming
Unique Places to Check Out
    • Malmo, Sweden
      • A city with a mix of old and new 
      • Filled with cafes, fashionable bars, and Dutch Renaissance buildings
    • Faroe Islands, Denmark
      • Volcanic islands part of Denmark connected by road tunnels, bridges, and causeways, 40 percent of the population is a self-governing territory.
      • Ideal for hiking and birdwatching
    • Lapland, Finland
      • A snowy region that is known for skiing and the infamous Ice Hotel
      • Perfect place to catch a glimpse of the Northern lights

Southern Europe

  • Countries:  Italy, Greece, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia
  • Also known as Mediterranean Europe 
  • The Romance languages are spoken here–Italian, Spanish, and Greek being the most widely used
Most Popular Places to Visit
    • Barcelona, Spain
      • The second-largest city in Spain known for its charm and rich culture
      • Features stunning architecture and several historical attractions 
    • Rome, Italy
      • One of the most visited places in Europe by tourists
      • Full of history with the Roman Colosseum standing as a UNESCO Heritage
    • Santorini, Greece
      • A volcano island more than 120 miles away from mainland Greece
      • Known for its amazing views and has become a popular destination wedding venue of choice. 

Eastern Europe

  • Countries:  Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia
  • This is a part of Europe that is very diverse in cultures, languages, and ethnicities and rich in history.
Popular Destinations of the Region
    • Prague, Czech Republic
      • A picturesque city shrouded in mystery, dark history, and breathtaking architecture
      • The Prague castle is a famous destination for tourists year-round
    • Budapest, Hungary
      • The capital city of Hungary known for its commercial and cultural charm
      • Thermal baths and nightclubs (optional) are a must-try in the city

Western Europe

  • Countries: Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France
  • A region with high living standards, a successful tourist trade, and rich agriculture
Must-See Underrated Destinations 
    • Rugen Island, Germany
      • Island in the Baltic Sea filled with romantic seaside resorts and beautiful beaches
      • Known for the Jasmund National Park, a chalk cliff 528 feet over the sea
    • Annecy, France
      • Also called “Pearl of the French Alps”
      • Skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer
    • Vianden, Luxembourg
      • Home to the Vianden Castle near the River Our
      • The Victor Hugo museum is located here

4 Non-EU Schengen Countries

These 4 countries are not part of the European Union but are included in the countries you can visit with ETIAS.

  • Iceland
    • Known as the “Land of Fire and Ice,” this country born from volcanic eruptions is known for its glaciers and majestic nature of both greenery and ice
  • Liechtenstein
    • A small country filled with castle tourist spots, mimicking a fairytale-like ambiance   
  • Norway
    • Scandinavian Country that is known for its Viking history, interesting historical architecture, and breathtaking landscapes
  • Switzerland
    • A mountainous country rich in beautiful natural attractions and peaceful cities and villages 

3 Micro-States part of the Schengen Area

The 3 Micro-states that are de facto part of the Schengen area can be found within some of the European countries above.

  • Monaco
    • An independent state in France filled with upscale modern institutions such as casinos and yacht harbors
  • San Marino
    • A mountainous state within Italy that is part of the world’s oldest republics, keeping many of its historic sites
  • Vatican City
    • This is the Roman Catholic headquarters ran by Rome and home to the Pope

Travel Guide on European Countries that ETIAS Doesn’t Cover

Places that weren’t listed in the ETIAS Countries list above have different requirements to be filled, so make sure you don’t cross their borders on your trip. 

Here is a list of countries you probably know that have different visa requirements.

  • United Kingdom
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Ireland
  • Romania


With the ETIAS soon to be implemented in 2021, it is important to know where you can and cannot go so that you don’t overstep boundaries. It can also help you set up your ideal itinerary of places to visit and sites to see to make the most of your 90-day stay. And if you can’t get the opportunity to see them all in one go, you can always save them for the next trip.

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