Say cheese! What better way to bring back the memories of a great European trip than good vacation photos? There are certainly hundreds of great sites to see in one country alone. However, there are a few hotspots that look absolutely stunning that would be a shame not to capture. Try visiting the places that would look amazing in your online feed. Strike a pose with your vacation buddies in any of these 24 most Instagrammable places in Europe.

Most Instagrammable Place in Europe


#InstaTravels: 24 Most Instagrammable Places in Europe


The relatively small country of Croatia is filled with beautiful sceneries with an old-town feeling to them. Capture Croatia and all its wonders in these Instagrammable places.  

1. Dubrovnik City Walls

The Walls of Dubrovnik offers special tours where you can take a photo with the city behind you. There’s even a tour where they take you through where the scenes from HBO’s “Game of Thrones’ ‘were shot.  

2. Zagreb Cathedral

This Neo-Gothic Style Cathedral with its majestic structure makes a great architectural photo. Tip: The church looks incredible with sunset lighting!


Make your mark in the lovely capital of Denmark. Copenhagen is home to captivating streets, interesting buildings, and one of the most fun gardens in Europe.

3. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

The Tivoli Gardens holds the second-oldest running amusement park in the world. The lights at night will bring out a perfect mix of old carnival charm and vibrancy for your photos.   


Paris is a hands-down stunning capital too good to ignore for your feed. Hit the must-sees with a couple of creative ideas for an Instagrammable photo.

4. The Eiffel Tower, Trocadero

Everyone takes a picture of the Eiffel Tower to let people know they’re in Paris. Take a good snap of this wonderful structure as a great addition to your feed.  

5. Louvre Pyramid

Another great symbol of Paris is the Louvre Pyramid, which lights up beautifully at night. Note that this is a museum, so photography is only allowed outside.

6. Pont Alexander III, Champs-Élysées

This deck arch bridge is so detailed and architecturally impressive that it deserves a great photo opt. Get a good angle off the bridge to truly capture its magnificence. 


Germany is rich in history that can all be encapsulated into one photo. Give some meaning to your social feed with these historically Instagrammable places that speak for themselves. 

7. The Berlin Wall

The remains of the Berlin Wall stand today as a great symbol of the Cold War. Today, several street artists have tagged on it with meaningful art or messages that would make a shareable photo.

8. Neuschwanstein Castle, Munich 

If you’re looking for a fairytale-like photo opt, this castle fits the description. The Neuschwanstein Castle in Munich is a picturesque historical site great for ethereal images. 


Greece is a vacationer’s paradise and a photographer’s dream location, which makes it a very Instagrammable place for most people. Celebrities like Katerine Mcphee and Izabel Goulart took some Instagram posts celebrating their stay in this beautiful country.   

9. Oia Cliffside, Santorini

Santorini is filled with enchanting white and blue-domed structures that it would be a shame not to capture it all. Take a pic at the Oia Cliffside so the entire Santorini view can fit in the frame.

10. Little Venice, Mykonos 

Little Venice is one of the most aesthetic places for a pleasant photo walk. The cobblestone path that stretches across the waterfront city leads to stunning views of the buildings, the windmills, and the beach itself.

11. Elafonisi, Crete

The island of Crete holds mesmerizing beaches like that of Elafonisi, where the clear water rushes up against the ocean rocks. If you’re lucky, you might come at a time where the sand is pink, which would look amazing in your vacation feed.


The subtle European country of Hungary upholds its heritage to this day. Budapest, the country’s capital, has been the setting for many Hollywood films.  

12. Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest

This large and majestic structure boasts of great Neo-Romanesque structures you can easily wander off to. This dramatic castle is a great photo opt setting anywhere you go.


Up for a nature shoot in the land of ice and fire? Iceland has a perfect view of the northern lights, something you can capture for yourself. 

13. The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is the perfect spot to snap a photo of Aurora Borealis. Plus, it’s a great vacation spot to sit back and unwind!


If European culture is what you’re after in your feed, then Italy is a great country for you. Instagram superstars like Selena Gomez have posted viral photos from their stay here. 

14. The Colosseum, Rome

Rome is a must-visit destination in Italy with great food and an overall European vibe. A picture with the great Colosseum is just one of those photo opts that you can’t miss out on.

15. Duomo, Milan

There is no bad angle to take a picture of the Duomo cathedral. This colorful structure has magnificent detailing work that will look amazing through your lens. 

16. Burano, Venice

The little island of Burano is filled with colorful fishermen’s houses that look amazing in pictures. The pop of vibrant colors is exactly what you need for a great vacation feed.


The island of Malta is filled with historical sites that take you on a great European journey to the past. 

17. Strait Street, Valletta

There is no bad angle to take a picture of the Duomo cathedral. This colorful structure has magnificent detailing work that just has to go into one of your photos.

18. Citadel, Gozo

Ever wonder what it’s like living in the bronze age? Then going through the Citadel of Gozo will bring your photos back in time to the simpler days. Now that’s a #Throwback photo that will be hard to beat! 

The Netherlands

If trendy urban areas are what you’re after, the Netherlands is the place to be. Hook your feed with amazing structures that you won’t find elsewhere.

19. Groenburgwal City Center, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the trendiest cities to feature on your feed. The Groenburgwal City Center is where you’d want to be for great modern-like photoshoots.

20. Cube Houses, Rotterdam

Switching up your angles? The Cube Houses in Rotterdam may just challenge your angling skills. This architectural marvel would make a very intriguing post.


Spain is a country that boasts rich and fiesty culture. Instagrammable places like Madrid and Seville make this country one of the most ideal countries for that cute summer vibe.

21. Casa Batlló, Barcelona

Culture? Check. Color? Check. Festive vibes? Check. Casa Batlló is the place you want to be for stunning summer vacation photos.

22. Las Setas de Sevilla, Seville

This geometrically intriguing spot is the reason people come to take photos. It’s these illusions and patterns make the Las Setas de Sevilla very Instagrammable. 


Swedish cities often ooze with art and creativity on the streets. The most Instagrammable places are everyday structures the locals are used to. But as a tourist with a need for a picture-perfect feed, this country will truly excite you. 

23. Gamla stan, Stockholm

Stockholm is home to the famous Gamla stan, a series of aesthetically pleasing colorful buildings that will bring the summer urban vibes in photos.

24. Järntorget, Gothenburg 

Nothing like a city square district to  make a modern city style outfit pop! Tip: this Instagrammable place comes alive in Spring. The cherry blossoms are out and ready, which make for a cross photo between urban and softness.


3 InstaTips For Awesome Vacation Photos


1. Capture the Details

It would be a real shame if you didn’t get every bit of the scenery inframe. Try switching up angles or stepping back a little farther to get the right snapshot.

2. Avoid Cliche Poses  

If you want Instagrammable feed, don’t be afraid to switch up your poses. Kneel on the floor, stand against a wall, or throw your hands up to the sky. There is so much more you could do!

3. Smile!

Feel free to live in the moment. A smile can tie up the fun vacation vibes that you’d need for your feed.

Pictures truly can paint a thousand words, so don’t be afraid to capture these moments on your trip to Europe. Take pride in the destination you’ve visited and the journey you’ve taken to be there. And lastly, feel free to share these moments with the ones who matter most online. 


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