Europe is home to some of the most stunning attractions in the world, attracting millions of tourists every year. But it’s also a continent known for its crazy party scene. 

Sure, there’s always Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, and even Bangkok, but no one knows how to throw a good party than Europeans.

From world-renowned clubs, finest pubs, live music to music festivals, there’s always something for tourists looking to drink and dance the night away. If all of these sound good to you, check out these 10 must-visit party cities in Europe for the best nightlife experience!


10 Best Party Cities to Enjoy the Nightlife in Europe


1. Berlin, Germany

No one parties like the Germans do!

In Berlin, you can find international DJs, local bands, scenic party venues, local fine brews, delicious food scene, and so much more. The city definitely leads the charts when it comes to the best nightlife in Europe, making it the ultimate haven for party lovers!


2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Like Germans, the Danes are known for throwing the best parties in Europe. So experience it yourself and book a flight to the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

The party city is famous for “morning bars” which don’t open until 3 am and stay open until 10 am. This is where you’ll find the true party animals!

Tip: Denmark is a Scandinavian country, which means it can get pricey when it comes to drinks and food. It’s best to come prepared with cash if you truly want to experience the nightlife the Danes can offer.


3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

While Amsterdam isn’t a wild city like Berlin or an all-night party scene like Denmark, it’s still worth visiting, especially if you’re looking for a low-key nightlife experience.

You’ll definitely enjoy drinking with the locals in a good pub or house party, compared to clubs with huge raves. With that said, you can still party hard at some of the best 24-hours clubs in Amsterdam, if that’s more your style.


4. Belgrade, Serbia

If you’re looking for the best nightlife in Europe, Belgrade is definitely on top of the list.

From special DJ performances at various nightclubs to musical live events in public squares. Belgrade has something for everyone. It’s called the party capital of Serbia for a reason.

Tip: Visiting during summer? Then don’t miss out on Belgrade’s floating river clubs where you can party and dance over the water!


5. Krakow, Poland

Don’t let Krakow’s small size fool you! It’s one of the best party cities in Europe.

Feel free to explore and enter some of the most enthralling pubs and party venues in the city. You can also enjoy cheap drinks all over the place—no wonder this is the top choice for throwing a bachelor/bachelorette party. 


6. Budapest, Hungary

“Party” takes a new definition in Budapest with its distinct ruin bar scene. So don’t be fooled by the bleak facade of abandoned buildings as the inside feels like an entirely different world! Expect fun, art, grunge scene, and nothing like you’ve ever experienced before.

Did You Know? Aside from its ruin nightlife scene, Budapest is also known for its raging bath parties.


7. Prague, Czech Republic

Another party city that offers an amazing bar scene and cheap alcohol is Prague. Alcohol prices have been going up lately, but the city still has a much better deal compared to Western Europe.

Here, you can find tons of bars offering great drinks and food to spend your night away. You can also dance at the numerous nightclubs across the city.

Did You Know? Prague is home to Europe’s largest club, the 5-story Karlovy Lazne Club.


8. Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish capital’s nightlife scene is legendary. Even on regular weekdays, most restaurants and bars in Barcelona don’t fill up until after 9 pm. In fact, dance clubs are still very much alive once the sun has come up.

All of these just prove that Barcelona is one of the best party cities in Europe. Just make sure to put an extra effort into your appearance (strictly no shorts and baseball caps) to be let in by the doormen and experience the nightlife Barcelona has to offer.


9. Ibiza, Spain

Aside from Barcelona, Ibiza is one of the top places that come into mind when you think about “party in Europe.”

Dubbed as the “party capital of the world,” Ibiza has it all—clubs, beach parties, boat parties, a wide array of drinks and food, gorgeous people, stunning tourist attractions, and so much more! You’ll definitely have a blast when partying at Ibiza.


10. Lagos, Portugal

For those looking for the same vibe that Ibiza has to offer but want to avoid the crowds, head on over to Portugal’s premier party destination—Lagos.

You can expect the same wild atmosphere, amazing beaches, beautiful sun-kissed tan, and hangovers at a cheaper price.


There’s nothing quite like partying in Europe. It’s the home to the finest pubs, bars, discos, and entertainment clubs so that you can enjoy the best nightlife possible! With that said, make sure to drink responsibly and stay safe when visiting these best party cities in Europe.


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