Planning a trip for two on Valentine’s Day? There are certainly a lot of lovers’ destinations in the beautiful countries of Europe. Find hotspots with great views, oceans perfect for long walks on the beach, and so much more. Take your loved one on a getaway they will never forget. Check out the 5 most romantic places in Europe to visit for this special occasion.


Valentine Travels: 5 Most Romantic Places in Europe 


1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The city of Santorini sits atop a mountain overlooking a scenic view of the ocean. It is most known for its beautiful Greek architecture: dome-structured buildings painted all in white and blue. This is the romantic destination of choice for weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, and more.

2. Barcelona, Spain 

Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities to take a stroll through and feel the romantic culture. This city is filled with tall and picturesque art structures, good food, and stunning architecture. Go on the romantic Las Golondrinas boat tour. Try biking around the city. And if you’re up for it, attend a cooking class with your loved one. That way, you get to bring home a piece of the journey with you. 

3. The Calanques, France

The Calanques, France

Source: Wikimedia Commons

You could go fly to Paris for Valentine’s Day, but that’s too common of a place. If you’re set on going to France, then why not explore the other parts? The Calanques in Provence, France, is a mesmerizing natural wonder. This hotspot is a series of cliffs and bays where couples can unwind in the sun. It is a designated National Park perfect for a dip out on open waters.

4. Verona, Italy

Verona, Italy


Verona, Italy is the home of Romeo and Juliet, one of the most romantic love stories across all generations. You can wander all day in this city, admiring its old-town charm. There are plenty of Basilicas, tower structures, and shops you can go through together. Check out Arena di Verona, a  very well preserved colosseum. It is a definite sight to see. 

5. Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Looking for intimate shared activities to do? You will find plenty in the coastal city of Porto, Portugal. The must-try activity is wine tasting. There are several wine cellars where you can schedule one with many other couples. Do other romantic activities like joining arts and craft classes, cooking classes, and strolling across the shoreline. And don’t forget to try the Tapas in any restaurant who has it on the menu. 

Wherever you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day is a special place to be. As long as you continue to celebrate the love you’ve built, you to can go places far and wide. 

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